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AmberJamesasTitaniaandCompanyinA Midsummer Night's Dream atRegent'sParkOpenAir Theatre.Photo:JaneHobson.EachA Midsummer Night’s Dream thissummerhaditsowncharacter, butdefinitelysomeinterpretationsweremoreappealingthanothers.

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Editor: Dana Rufolo London Editor: Neil Dowden Editorial Assistant: Lars Harald Maagerø Assistant to the Editor: Julie Sorokurs Social Media: Jeremy Malies Business Manager: Axel Hörhager

EDITORIAL & SUBSCRIPTIONS: Plays International & Europe Seehalde 1 D-78464 Constance, Germany Telephone + 49 7531 807 52 24 Advertisements: +49 7531 362 12 68

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PhilipJudgeandLiamCarneyinRoddy Doyle'sTwo Pints.Photo:RosKavanagh. RoddyDoyleisanIrishauthorwithan internationalreputation,andthissummer therewererevivalsoftwoofhisplaysin Dublin.

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GirishKumarRachappa,SonyaLevin,Felix KnoppandJarrydAlexanderHaynesin CheckpointWoodstock,aThaliaTheater, HamburgplaythatcriticallyexaminesRussian leadershipwrittenbyMarinaDavydova. Photo:KrafftAngerer

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3 Contents 4 Editoral 4 London Preview 5 What’s On in London

LONDON 10 Jeremy Malies at The Hunt 11 Eva de Valk at Europe 12 Neil Dowden at Bitter Wheat 13 Simon Thomas at Peter Gynt 14 Neil Dowden at three versions of

A Midsummer Night's Dream 16 Eva de Valk at The End of History 17 John Russell Taylor at Hansard 18 Jeremy Malies at While the Sun Shines 19 Jo Briggs at Appropriate 20 Jo Briggs at Bartholomew Fair 21 Neil Dowden at The Night of the Iguana

UK REGIONS 22 Jeremy Malies at the Edinburgh Festival 24 Crysse Morrison in Bath 26 Jeremy Malies in Chichester 27 Nick Ahad in the North

EUROPE 28 Bill Grantham in Dublin 30 Claudia Woolgar in the Netherlands at the Noorderzon Festival 32 Margaret Rose in Venice at the Biennale 34 Dana Rufolo in Portugal at the Almada

Theatre Festival 39 An interview with Rodrigo Garcia, Almada

Festival director 41 Hans Jürgen Bartsch in Berlin at the

Theatertreffen 42 Our critics: Alla Shenderova in Hamburg at

Checkpoint Woodstock 44 Elisabeth Kelvin in Vienna at the Wiener

Festwochen 46 Ludovico Lucchesi Palli in Austria at

Raimundspiele Gutenstein 48 Dana Rufolo in Austria at the Erl Passion Play

ISRAEL 50 Michael Ajzenstadt in Tel Aviv

IRAN 52 Mohammad Reza Aliakbari in Tehran

BRAZIL 54 Oleno Netto in São Paulo at Teatro Oficina

CANADA 56 Malcolm Page in Vancouver at Bard on the Beach

USA 58 Glenda Frank in New York 59 Broadway listings 60 Julie Sorokurs in New York at The Brick

Theater 62 Lawrence Bommer in Chicago

AUSTRALIA 64 Margaret Leask in Sydney

FRONT COVER: Myra McFadyen as Puck and Kieran Hill as Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre. Photo Jane Hobson. Read the review on page 14.


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