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THE TABLET 1October 2005



COLUMNS 9 Libby Purves ‘It is hard for us to stop honouring the dead with stone’ 13 Peter Stanford ‘How would I feel if my children came home and announced they had a vocation?’

4 Benedict the pastor Roderick Strange The early days of the papacy have seen Benedict XVI becoming more o f a listener 5 New-found harmony? RobertMickens When Hans Kiing met the Pope, what did the two great theologians find to agree on?





26-29 BOOKS Christopher Howse Opus Dei: secrets and power inside the Catholic Church John L. Allen Francis Beckett Olivier: the authorised biography Terry Coleman Michael Walsh Pietro Bembo: lover, linguist, cardinal Carol Kidwell Kathy Watson On Beauty Zadie Smith Raymond Edwards Two lives Vikram Seth

30-34 ARTS FEATURE Mark Lawson Illusions o f authority CINEMA Crispin Jackson Goal! RADIO D.J. Taylor In Business TELEVISION John Morrish Bob Dylan: No direction home

6 A party ripe for turning Chris Patten The Tories must return to the centre ground if they are to be elected again 8 Dialogue for the end o f time Dan Cohn Sherbok, Mary Grey A Jewish and a Christian thinker spent two years searching for common ground 10 Trouble at the Mill Michael Walsh The Mill Hill Missionaries are quitting their London headquarters after 140 years 12 The high road to progress John Haldane Cardinal Keith O ’Brien embodies Scotland’s revitalised cultural confidence 14 Trying for a bébé boom Margaret S t John Will cash incentives encourage the French to have more babies?

EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT 15 Catholicism for the next generation Nicholas Pyke A new study argues that we can rebuild a confident spiritual culture 16 Those who can teach RE, don’t Sandra Barwick Changing career in midlife to work as a teacher in a ‘shortage’ subject isn’t easy

18 A bridge too far? Elena Curti A multi-million-pound learning village has divided a community 21 Tell our island story D avid Conway The old British history narrative used to promote social cohesion is needed today

CHURCH IN THE WORLD 35 Sudan may still have terrorist training camps BRITAIN AND IRELAND 42 Ampleforth denies paedophile cover-up


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