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Inside The Wire 429 | November 2019

47 Reviews Index 48 Soundcheck New vinyl, CDs, downloads and streams,

plus reissues and specialist columns, including: 49 Moor Mother/Zonal Just say flow. By John Morrison 53 Negativland Cut ’n’ waste. By Emily Bick 59 Elsewhere Records Stop! Hammer time. By Derek Walmsley 71 Albert Ayler/Marion

Brown Free love. By Andy Hamilton 72 Vanity Records An excess of pride. By Joshua Minsoo

Kim 75 On Screen New films and DVDs: Stuart Swezey’s

Desolation Center; Cathy Soreny’s Adam Bohman: By Biro And Umbrella Spring 77 Print Run New music books: Ian Penman on track,

Michael Finnissy, Chicago power, real fear, and more 81 On Site Recent art events: Atonal; Benedict Drew 83 On Location Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Armand

Hammer, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Ars Electronica, and more

4 The Wire Tapper 51 A track by track guide to this issue’s free

CD 6 Masthead 8 Letters 10 Bitstream

News and more from under the radar 46 Charts The Office Ambience and other playlists 98 Out There Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings 104 Subscribe Print, digital, downloads and CDs

12 Unlimited Editions Swing Ting 12 Unofficial Channels Corporate Ambient 14 Jessica Pavone The New York composer and violist triumphs over injury. By Philip Clark 16 Apprentice Destroyer San Francisco metalhead builds to obliterate. By Joseph Stannard 18 Joe The UK producer keeps it crisp with a new EP. By Joe Muggs Global Ear 20 Sokołowsko The Central European border village hosts a festival centred on the physical effects of sound. By Biba Kopf 74 The Inner Sleeve Lara Rix-Martin on Francisco Goya’s

Witches’ Flight 106 Epiphanies

George Xylouris discovers a direct line to his ancestors via the lute

Invisible Jukebox 22 Jaimie Branch Will The Wire’s mystery record selection cause the Brooklyn trumpeter and composer to fly… or die? Tested by George Grella 32 Kevin Martin + Stephen

26 Hanna Hartman The Berlin based Swedish electroacoustician has amassed three decades of work. As composer-inresidence at this year’s Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, she’ll be bringing it to the stage. By Philip Clark 28 Jöelle Léandre The French bassist has travelled the globe with the aim of collapsing barriers and conventions. On a stopover in Mexico City she discusses her self-described nomadic career ahead of a residency at London’s Cafe Oto. By Louise Gray

O’Malley Bottom end technicians and high priests of high volume, Sunn O))) guitarist Stephen O’Malley and Kevin Martin aka The Bug meet in Paris to discuss their low lives. Mediated by Mike Barnes. Plus: Francis Gooding decodes the conceptually minded Ideologic Organ label (pg 40); Abi Bliss talks to choreographer Gisèle Vienne (pg 41); Phil Freeman on Martin’s close associate Justin Broadrick (pg 42); and Joe Muggs on The Bug’s MC collaborators (pg 44)

Cover: Kevin Martin + Stephen O’Malley by Maciek Pozoga

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