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5 Why Mortality Makes Us Free Martin Hägglund “The ability to ask this question – the question of what we ought to do with our time – is the basic condition for spiritual freedom.”

8 The Time of Our Lives A Conversation with Martin Hägglund “I’m not trying to divide the world into religious and secular people. The book is not about what divides us, but about what we have in common.”

13 Spirit, Life, and Freedom Frederick Neuhouser “The main claim of Hegel’s social philosophy is that the institutions of Western modernity have made the realization of freedom in all its guises not merely possible but actual.”

17 The Problem of Agency Lea Ypi “Socialism shares with liberalism a commitment to the individual as the fundamental unit of moral concern.”

21 The Philosophy of Our Future Jensen Suther “Our commitments are a matter of faith because they are constitutively vulnerable to the possibility of failure and must be practically sustained.”


27 Beauvoir on Desiring One’s Finitude Kate Kirkpatrick “Were Pascal and Hegel right that finitude was something to grieve, or was the desire for infinity misplaced?”

31 Finitude and the Threat of Nihilism Elizabeth Robson “Is thinking to be considered the truest expression or the most profound negation of the human condition?”

38 The Fragility of Finitude A Conversation with Joseph Schear “Without being alive to the possibility of a breakdown in meaning, we would be in no position to enjoy cases of meaning.”


43 Philosophical Nationality and Nationalism Michael Lewis “If thought is to encompass the unity of opposites, so must the language which encompasses thought.”

50 Pessimism Mara van der Lugt “Pessimism, or the philosophy properly known as pessimism, was never attractive, never popular, and never, ever easy.”


59 Bad Faith and the Buddha Anthony Morgan reviews Robert Wright’s Why Buddhism is True.

65 Be Kinder Than Necessary Chiara Ricciardone reviews Malcolm Bull’s On Mercy.

67 Thinking With Animals Jonathon Turnbull and Adam Searle review Lori Gruen’s Critical Terms for Animal Studies.

69 The Public Philosopher Ciaran Cummins “The building blocks of philosophy – dialogue, reflection, curiosity, critique, understanding, and so on – are deeply human activities.”

74 The Anthropo(s)cene Jonathon Turnbull and Adam Searle “What kind of matter is this that constitutes everything from rocks to humans?”

78 The Art of Questioning
 Lani Watson “By the end of the Early Modern era, the quest for knowledge, and the distinctively human curiosity that inspired it, was an established feature of the Western philosophical method.”


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