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Making Tracks, our first in a series which looks at railway modelling by design. Paul A. Lunn, well known author, tackles this little discussed aspect of our hobby through 10 lavishly illustrated, prototype inspired, chapters culminating with his exciting new concept, ‘Futuristic Design’. Packed with ideas and tips, Paul will encourage you to create and develop your own designs resulting in an interesting to operate and visually pleasing layout. Although principally demonstrated through OO, Paul’s favourite scale, the design skills are easily transferred to any scale/gauge combination.

Publishing date: November 2010 FORMAT: 215 x 273mm, 112 pages, colour throughout. Softback ISBN: 978-1-902827-22-3

This smaller of two layout designs, for an area of 10ft x 8ft, encompasses only part of the line beyond Bere Alston which is to be built as a split-level level layout rising up from non-scenic sidings between B and F,culminating in an interchange station within the central operating area.The whole layout can be operated in a number of ways;from hidden sidings at F to E,passing through a new park and ride station,BereAlston Park and Ride (not modelled but hypothetically between E andA,see larger design),taking the line to Calstock and Callington with services provided by the preserved railway or BR. If the latter option is chosen then Bere

Alston would become the preserved railway HQ running weekend services to Callington.Alternately, Bere Alston could become the interchange station with BR using the platform nearest the main station building and the preservation society using the rest.

There are some complicated gradients,scenic and non-scenic sections and in this restricted space it’s not possible to include the new triangular junction.My device to allow the same procedure to take place is in the provision of a Peco Loco Lift on the non-scenic sidings. Loco’s needing to be turned, having entered junctions A

or E go down grade to F and onto the Loco Lift for turning by hand,

they then return from whence they came as if having traversed a triangle.

Scenically,BereAlston and Calstock stations capture the appearanceoftheprototypeswhereas,onthisdesign,Callingtonisenvisaged very much in the style of the original version at Gunnislake.

The second and considerably larger design is made to suit a standard size garage. It too has some complicated gradients but includes the triangular junction,park and ride station,Gunnislake station and an interpretation of the original one at Callington. In addition there is a substantial scenic run including a reduced version of Calstock viaduct and a small area within the triangle for amodest loco depot (not shown).

It’s worth a word or two about preservation groups replacing railway infrastructure and by example I particularly want to draw your attention to station buildings where period features and,in these times of vandalism, high levels of security are required.


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Railway Modelling by Design

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If ever there was an island crammed to the brim with railway interest, it has to be the Isle of Man. The author of this photographic survey has one huge advantage over most of his predecessors, in that he lives on the island and thus has found it relatively easy to be in the right place at the right time. Here are often once-in-a-lifetime shots taken from dawn to dusk in snow, rain and even blistering heat.

The result is a unique pictorial record of not just the Isle of Man Steam Railway but also the equally fascinating Manx Electric and Snaefell Mountain systems. The lesser narrow gauge lines at Groudle Glen and Great Laxey Mine also receive attention, as does the remarkable Douglas Horse Tramway. An informative text embraces the spectacular celebrations of various railway anniversaries, which attracted railway enthusiasts from around the world in the 1990s.

FORMAT: A4 (210 x 297mm), 96 pages, Full colour throughout. Softback with card coverISBN: 978-1-902827-19-3

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