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graduate portfolio ulia Parlato oyal College of Art MA Photography iachronicles Diachronicles is an examination of the historical space, regarded as a fictional container where an apparent collection of evidences opens up to the fantastic. In this space, the attempt to reconstruct the past falls into phantasmal gaps, where things are generated, buried, unearthed, and relocated. This nomadic nature of what has been left behind, reveals how the movement and misinterpretation of objects shape historiography. In the impossible search of academic legitimation, the viewer is invited into a world where the factual and the fake overlap. The work addresses the leading role archaeology and the museum play in a historical narrative. Diachronicles digs into a parallel history, filled with poetic figures to encode, nonexistent artefacts and forgeries hidden in museums basements.

Michael Mack: Photography is implicit in the writing of histories, and this smart conceptual project uses the medium to explore the role of archaeology and the museum in the control of historical narratives. The installation views suggest a complex interweaving of astute and incisive images to produce a complex collage impression of the themes.

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