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Chris Hoare


Catherine Troiano: Hoare’s compelling commentary on wealth and aspiration in Australian society offers a moving portrayal of core human desire. Taking as his point of departure the paradox that Australia has both the highest median wealth per capita and the largest gambling problem, Hoare explores notions of success and failure, and the value systems upon which social structures are built. Hoare’s pictures are cinematic visualisations of constructed realities that mirror the hazy promises of gambling. His skill in executing both colour and black and white photographs adds to a sense of turbulence in the work, reminding the viewer of unease and inequality prevalent in even the wealthiest of nations.

Michael Mack: This is a bold documentary project which consists in an over-arching assessment of not simply one particular thread in the ideology of a country – the notion that Australia is ‘lucky’ – but which builds into a critique of the nature and self-identification of the nation. Hoare’s subtle mix of colour with black and white, portrait with landscape and details, offers an evocative sense of place loaded with metaphor and suggestion. It presents a very honest vision which manages to walk the difficult line between cynicism and a kindly reflection on a human state of being.

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