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1 Let’s get dreaming! Hold your two fabric clouds in the palm of your hand. Picture your vision for the future. What do you see?

Back stitch

Running stitch Blanket stitch



In your best handwriting, write a short message that describes an element of your vision on the cotton cloud.

Backstitch over your writing, reflecting on our crafterthought questions as you do so.

Issue 317

4 Puff up your dream cloud with ethical hemp or shredded paper, or upcycle worn-out fabric as stuffing.


Hang your cloud somewhere your message will be relevant and thought-provoking. Share an image of your dream cloud hanging proud somewhere in your local area or at home as a physical reminder to yourself to be a dream-maker. Include @craftivists so that we can appreciate your great work and share it with other dream-makers.

Sarah Corbett is an award-winning activist, Ashoka Fellow and the founder of the global Craftivist Collective. Her latest book, How to Be a Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest, is published by Unbound. You can order her Dream-Making ethical DIY kit at

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