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Linocuts for the Landworkers’ Alliance 2020 calendar by Rosanna Morris. Photograph by Konstantinos Noulis farming. She also provided animations for their documentary film, In Our Hands, and is now working on a new calendar. It’s a cause close to her heart. When she’s not in her studio or caring for her two young children, she’s at her allotment growing vegetables for the family and spreading the organic message one conversation at a time.

Recently Morris has been inspired to add splashes of pink, yellow and blue to her black-and-white prints. This burst of colour reflects the wave of energy and inspiration she feels from the climate activism of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg. At last it feels as if things are changing for the better. One of these new colourful prints shows a pair of hands cradling huge flower heads backed by the sun and the words “The Revolution is Fertile”.

Even though she lives in the city, Morris sees her future as close to the land, growing her own food. Through her art – cutting the wood by hand, the ink, the press – she breathes life into that vision whether she’s working alone or with other hands making large, bold prints on Bouboulina celebrating Nature and a radical shift in our politics.

Art can seem like a nice-to-have, she says, but it is vital for telling a story and bringing people together, inspiring them and motivating change. As she puts it, “I make pictures of what I want to see.” Nat Dyer is a freelance writer. @natjdyer

56 Resurgence & Ecologist

November/December 2019

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