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White marble and dark gneiss patterning in San Giovanni Battista church, Mogno, Switzerland by Mario Botta, as featured in Stone

Gifts for fledgling crafters

Baskets This introduction to basketry combines the origins of the craft with practical projects. The author explores the history of basket-making via her Senegalese background, alongside 15 how-to guides to create contemporary homeware. By Tabara N’Diaye. Published by Quadrille, £14.99 pb

Contemporary Paper Marbling Design and Technique Paper marbling is an ‘endangered craft’ at risk of being forgotten. Author Lucy McGrath, founder of marbling brand Marmor Paperie, describes this beautifully illustrated and comprehensive practical guide as being part of her ‘mission’ to teach its techniques to a new generation. By Lucy McGrath. Published by Pavilion, £20 hb

From Clay to Kiln A beginner’s guide to the potter’s wheel Stuart Carey, ceramist and founder of open-access studios The Kiln Rooms, offers this step-by-step guide to each part of the pottery process. From wedging clay and throwing to mixing glazes and firing, every stage is lavishly illustrated with photos and clear, concise captions. By Stuart Carey. Published by Search Press, £14.99 pb

Dorodango. The Japanese Art of Making Mud Balls In Japan, hikaru dorodango is a childhood pastime. Soil is mixed with water and, through a meditative, multi-stage process, shining spheres are conjured from the lowliest of materials. This how-to book introduces the practice, and offers some wholesome family entertainment. By Bruce Gardner. Published by Laurence King, £12.99 hb

Mark-Making Through the Seasons Textile Art Inspiration and Techniques Quilter and artist Helen Parrott encourages aspiring makers to observe their local environment in order to create artworks reflective of seasonal changes across the year. She covers hand- and machine-stitch techniques, appliqué, blackwork, dyeing and piecing. By Helen Parrott. Published by Batsford, £22.95 hb

Crafts November/December 2019 97

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