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tpm t h e p h i l o s o p h e r s ’ m a g a z i n e Issue 53 • 2nd quarter 2011

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From the editor News A round up of events

Mediawatch Philosophy and philosophers in the mass media

Threads Intuitions about tuition

Women trouble Why gender is back on the agenda

Word of Mouse Right, wrong, and Wikileaks


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The Interview Kwame Anthony Appiah on moral revolutions

Sci-Phi Freedom flies

TPM Essay Mary Midgley confronts selfishness

The joint session Dale Jacquette on drugs


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Letter from … Charles Pigden in Otago

Inaccessible philosophy James Ladyman praises technicality


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No l ife is good David Benatar’s dark conclusion

Distinctly human needs Richard Norman turns Aristotle on his head


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What matters most? John Kekes on enjoying life

Ties that bind Family gives life meaning, says Jean Kazez

Ancient Answers Peter Adamson makes a virtue of knowledge

Living well and doing good Brad Hooker connects morality to the good life

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