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i Leading articles Rock star

Obscene Greens iv England Diary

Conservatives vs Farage Mark Higgie v Allan, James Allan

Why can’t I be a spy,too? James Allan vi Carbon dioxide trap

Climate models keep failing Howard Thomas Brady vii Fran’s feminist fascists

Q&A freakshow Rebecca Weisser viii Energy notes

More coal please Matt Canavan ix Dutton’s dinner diary

Tony Abbott:the legacy & the man Peter Dutton x Rampant antisemitism

The Arab press Ran Porat xi Simon Collins

Q&A Simon Collins Culture Buff Kiss of the Spider Woman

Donald McDonald xii Books John Lennon’s friend

Kel Richards 51 Labor’s lamentable loss Clueless David Flint Follow us on Twitter:@SpectatorOz Spectator Australia letters to the editor and

Britain’s first skyscraper, p35


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary It would be a big mistake to underestimate Corbyn Richard Madeley 9 Rod Liddle A charter of fundamental rights for students 13 Barometer Leaders called Boris,

floods, and where to look for work 14 James Delingpole The joy of a day spent bagging almost no birds 15 Sam Leith My late-night lust for voices of reason 16 Letters An immigrant amnesty,

anti-Semitism and the time to dine 17 Any other business

Why China is planting its flag on what’s left of British Steel Martin Vander Weyer

Charles Moore is away

‘If you can remember your nineties you weren’t there’, p43

6 The proposal

Can Nigel Farage help Boris win a majority? James Forsyth 7 Turning blue

The Tory list of target voters Katy Balls 8 Living in limbo Trevor Rene’s battle to be allowed to work in Britain Ross Clark 10 Kompromat!

Are you suffering from Russia derangement syndrome? Freddy Gray 12 Back to Plan A+ It’s not irresponsible for the government to borrow more Paul Collier 13 Selfie indulgent

The insidious side of online praise Laura Freeman

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