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From the Editors

Was there ever a moment when a good book seemed more essential? And not just because Christmas and the annual search for presents has come round again. Comfort, instruction, amusement, escape, a new perspective – whatever it is you’re looking for as a steadier in unnerving times, it’s all there in books.

This winter’s new Slightly Foxed Edition is certainly a lifter of spirits and an escape route to what feels like a freer and more straightforward world. Following on from his childhood memoir Boy, which we published in the autumn, Going Solo (see p. 13) is Roald Dahl’s invigorating and often very amusing account of working for Shell in the country then called Tanganyika, travelling the dirt roads to visit the eccentric expatriates who literally kept the machinery of Empire running. The second half of the book takes on a somewhat darker tone, as war breaks out and Dahl drives the 600 miles to Nairobi to enlist as a fighter pilot and subsequently take part in the RAF’s heroic defence of Greece. It’s a young man’s story, bold, stomach-churning and brilliantly told, all overlaid with Dahl’s irrepressible determination, optimism and humour.

At this time of year we don’t need to remind you that the winter Slightly Foxed catalogue is full of ideas for presents to suit all tastes, not to mention our traditional literary Christmas crossword. But we would like to draw your attention to something rather special this year: the Slightly Foxed Revolving Bookcase. Made to order in oak or ash at Dominic and Arabella Parish’s Wardour Workshops in Wiltshire, and designed to hold around 90 Slightly Foxed Editions or books of similar size, it is an elegant modern take on the tradi-


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