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S p e n c e r i e j ö r k


R o b b erry e i r S t y l i n g a r l e y W

HP h o t o g r a p h y iece James M

ade face-p


Custom e r n e r

C h e l s e a W

S p e n c e r i e

R o b b s S t y l i n g

To m

B e n

P h o t o g r a p h y i c e N a t i o n a l T h e a t r e b o d c r y s t a l e m b e l l i s h e d s t r i p e d a n d

F r i n g e d i v e

, e a r r i n g s s t y l i s t ’s a r c h i r e

HC o s t u m e ie Spencer

Robb thridge Styling e s t l i n g

WN a t h a n

Photography Roe E

o v e r s i z e d c o t t o n i r t Va n s ,

t s h i x w a i s t c o a t a n d l e m e e s t e r , c o t t o n m c o t t o n

D e m e u l a n d o o i r t A n n

Ws h c a n v a s b u c k e t h a t S t u s s y

S p e n c e r i e

R o b b

R o v e r s i S t y l i n g l o

R o n a n i r s e

S a o

P a o

P h o t o g r a p h y l hat dress, gloves, net tights, felt woo

, all jewellery llection

Co ise 2020


Argyle socks stylist’s arch slip idered lace embro and ilk


ru shoes Gucci C

latform p and

, bra and ine Jewellery

Gucci F

HAUS OF LOVE Photography Sam Nixon StylingAlison Marie Isbell

Meet the stars of New York’s vital new all-ages voguing platform

42 – 58

STRONGWORLDWIDE Photography Justin French StylingStellaGreenspan 60 – 65 The faces of a globally minded street-casting agency reflect on the underground energy of NYC

LOLOZOUAÏ Photography Cruz Valdez StylingMarcusCuffie

The pop singer on exploring the mysteries of family in her soulful and “savage as fuck” songs

NOAH JUPE Photography Anton Gottlob StylingRebecca Perlmutar

The Honey Boy actor discusses his head-twisting breakout role playing a young Shia LaBeouf

ATLANTICS Photography Matt Tammaro StylingMarcusCuffie

The cast and director of a haunting and visionary new film about Senegalese migrants reunite

OLD FOOD Text Ed Atkins

The British artist shares a surrealist soliloquy for our Brexit-battered times from his forthcoming book

LOSTWORLDS Photography Tom Ordoyno StylingGary David Moore

Kim Jones and artist Daniel Arsham on going back to the future for their Dior SS20 collaboration

FAMILY AFFAIR Photography Pascal Gambarte StylingAi Kamoshita

Some family time in the sprawling Italian countryside with Diesel’s idiosyncratic archive


Photography Camille Vivier StylingTamara Rothstein

66 – 71

72 – 77

78 – 85

86 – 87

88 – 95

96 – 103

104 – 111


Photography Eddie Whelan StylingElizabethFraser-Bell Make-up Nami Yoshida

112 – 119


Photography Zora Sicher StylingEmmaWyman

BJÖRK Photography Harley Weir StylingRobbieSpencer

The avant-pop icon goes multisensory in collaboration with Harley Weir

120 – 127

128 – 139

CHELSEAWERNERPhotography Ben Toms StylingRobbieSpencer

The gymnast and four-time Special Olympics winner vaults into a new phase of her career

140 – 155

SAOIRSERONANPhotography Paolo Roversi StylingRobbieSpencer

The actress reflects on the role of a lifetime with her Little Women co-star Laura Dern

156 – 169

NATHAN WESTLING Photography Roe Ethridge StylingRobbieSpencer

The Arizona model opens up about the wild ups and downs of his transition

170 – 187

FREDRIK TJÆRANDSEN Photography Lea Colombo StylingRobbieSpencer 188 – 201 The CSM graduate who broke the internet on the secrets of his dreamy orb-like designs


Photography PaulKooiker StylingRobbieSpencer


Photography Laura Coulson StylingVittoriaCerciello


Photography Casper Sejersen StylingKatieShillingford


Photography Alice Neale StylingAgata Belcen


Photography TimElkaïm StylingElizabethFraser-Bell

DANIEL JOHNSTON Photography Jung Kim

Unseen images and illustrations from Jung Kim’s years-long collaboration with the late folk genius

202 – 213

214 – 223

224 – 233

234 – 243

244 – 255

258 – 264

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