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i Leading articles Wokepac

Boomers are OK, OK? Writer: Terry Barnes iv Diary

Singapore Kevin Andrews v Aaaarrggh!!

Turnbull has much to answer for Maurice Newman vi Hydrogen’s all hot air

Delusional energy plans Mark Lawson vii Electric cars crash

… while SUVs race ahead Tony Thomas viii Iran, Israel and Sir Humphrey

Mandarins running our Mid East policy Rebecca Weisser ix Endangered species

Beware NZ referendum Amy Brooke x Haunted by the miserable ghost

Ten years ago Gideon Rozner xi Simon Collins

Westpac Simon Collins Culture Buff Summer

Donald McDonald xii Trump, impeachment, media Unintended consequences

James Allan 51 Guilt by association Prince Andrew David Flint Follow us on Twitter:@SpectatorOz Spectator Australia letters to the editor and

Talk of the toon, p33


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary December elections are a very bad idea Andrew Marr 6 Politics The Scottish Tories ought to thank Sturgeon Katy Balls 7 The Spectator’s Notes

All belief systems must accept the danger of ridicule and contempt Charles Moore 12 Ancient and modern

Demonstrating ignorance 11 Rod Liddle The last Lib Dem voter 14 Barometer Michael Bloomberg,

council homes and the cost of care 18 From the archive Koo d’état 19 Mary Wakefield

We must defend freedom of reaction 13 James Delingpole What I learned on my speed awareness course 22 Letters Government spending,

The Crown, Osborne’s mistake 23 Any other business

No need to mourn the loss of Uber’s London licence Martin Vander Weyer

High-pitched whale, p28 & p31

8 The final furlong

Boris Johnson on his obstacles James Forsyth and Katy Balls 9 Alison Brackenbury

‘J.’: a poem 10 The socialism of fools

Anti-Semitism accusations are damaging — but not toxic Dominic Green 12 Listen to the very old

There are wonderful encounters to be had with them Elisa Segrave 14 What could go wrong?

Donald Trump’s visit couldn’t come at a worse time Christopher Meyer 16 Lessons from the kibbutz

Socialism is incompatible with human nature Johan Norberg 18 Campaign notebook

Andy Coulson 20 ‘She sends me sleep bubbles’

Why Pete Townshend swears by his wife’s psychic powers Sam Leith

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