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10 Twets from Tahrir How the Egyptian revolution unfolded on Twitter

12 Ammar 404 The internet and the Arab uprisings,

by Zahera Harb

14 Brothers unbanned Mansor Mirza on the Muslim


16 The fire this time: the revolt against the dictators Red Pepper maps the uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa

18Revolt like an Egyptian Tahrir Square activist Gigi Ibrahim shares her experience of overthrowing a dictator

22 After the flash bulb Student article competition winner it Withnail calls for others to stand with the movement

25 Coalitions of the winning anda Tattersall explores how community organisations and unions can work together

28 Holyrood hopes Ken Ferguson asks how the

Scottish left can respond to anger at the Westminster cuts consensus

30 Labour’s last stand Rahul Mahajan looks at the fightback in Wisconsin

32 Europe’s silent coup d’etat The EU is taking economic decisionmaking away from its member states, reports Leigh Phillips

34 The revival – and the retreat – of the state?

a-Jon Chang on the state response to the neoliberal crisis. But it’s the movement that matters, responds Oisín Gilmore

42 Debate: AV, yes or no? Hilary Wainwright and Kevin lowe debate the Alternative Vote

45 Closed curtains at the palace

James Gray looks at attempts to let the Freedom of Information Act shine a light on the royals

46 Royal toast Donald Morrison rounds up some alternative approaches to the royal wedding

48 Heading the state Andrew Blick explores the constitutional role of the monarchy, and how we could ditch it

Illustration by MARTIN ROWSON

red pepper apr | may 2011