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COLUMNS 22 THE GOOD LIFE Bastien Gonzalez puts Alice B-B on the right foot 24 THE RURBANIST Jo Malone CBE

UP FRONT 27 ALL SYSTEMS GO Infinity coat 28 THE EDIT Style update 30 GYM BUNNY Ultimate athleisure 32 THE MAGPIE Resetting old gems 33 MY STYLE Lucy Litwack 34 LUCIA LOVES DNA-tailored treatments 36 BODY LANGUAGE Dr Paul Nassif gives Olivia Falcon the low-down on fillers 38 BRIGHT YOUNG THING Inside

Amber Le Bon’s make-up bag 40 BODY & SOUL Mid-winter boost 42 THE KNIGHTSBRIDGE FACELIFT

Harrods vs Urban Retreat 44 WELL GROOMED Men’s style news

THE GUIDE 47 THE GUIDE Mushroom magic 50 THE EXHIBITIONIST Ed Vaizey recommends pottery to stave off pain 51 ARTIST’S STUDIO Chris Levine 52 GOOD READS Historic novels 53 WHAT’S ON Reformer pilates 54 SEEDER’S DIGEST Sweet pea season 56 ROAD TEST Mazda’s MX-5 turns 30 58 CONVERSATIONS AT SCARFES

BAR Dr Tim Spector is rewiring the way we think about what’s on our plate, as told to Matthew Bell

FEATURES 60 A GALA PERFORMANCE Gala Gordon talks to Lucy Cleland about making the leap from in front of the camera to behind the production scenes 72 AN ODE TO FOOD When did food become so complicated? Three chefs rekindle the unadulterated joy of eating 76 COUNTRY BELLE Sarah Stacey unravels the secret code of rural make-up 78 GOING FOR GOLD Training like an

Olympian is easier than you think. Sofia Tindall asks Jessica Ennis-Hill for tips

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