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A lot on our plates Issue 318 January/February 2020





10 BIG STEPS, SMALL FOOTPRINTS Anna Turns looks into Costa Rica’s eco-credentials 13 HIDING TREASURE Carlien Bootsma meets an unusual team returning flat oysters to the North Sea 14 RISING UP IN VIETNAM Alexandre Sisophon reports on a new wave of activism 16 ACHIEVING A JUST TRANSITION Only a people-first approach will succeed, argues

Nick Robins 20 A LOT TO LEARN Dave Goulson wonders whether allotments can save the Earth


22 FLYING IN THE FACE OF REASON Calum Harvey-Scholes investigates how the aviation industry is frying our planet and what we can do about it

Cover image: Lulu and Her Lunch © 2017 Vicki Sawyer ® All rights reserved.


28 FOOD FOR THOUGHT Brendan Montague shares the many reasons why he has stayed vegan 30 THE LONG JOURNEY BEYOND VEGANUARY Marianne Brown speaks to Chris Packham 32 AN ALTERNATIVE WORLDVIEW Speciesism lies at the heart of the climate crisis, writes

Shaina Rogstad 33 WHAT’S THE BEEF? Brendan Montague reports on recent research 34 SOUL FOOD Marianne Brown finds out why Jains are giving up dairy

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January/February 2020

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