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5 What Was “The Animal”? Cary Wolfe “How did human beings ever find it remotely plausible that the world is neatly riven by an ontological divide?”

11 If Only Immanuel Kant Had Had a Dog Diane Morgan “Scant evidence appears in Kant’s writings of any sensitivity to dogs or to any other non-human life”

17 Digital Animals Bill Adams “The distinction between animal and machine is breaking down.”

22 Nonhuman Lifeworlds in Urban India Anindya Sinha and Maan Barua “Material geographies of urbanisation often presuppose humans as sole historical agents”

28 The Difference is Metaphysical Raymond Tallis “The fundamental difference between us and non-human animals is metaphysical.”


33 On the Value of People and Animals Christine Korsgaard

“What could justify the difference between how we treat human beings and how we treat the other animals? ”

39 What Motivates Us to Change What We Eat? Lori Gruen “Empathy has gotten a bad reputation because people think of it as a type of knee-jerk reaction that is often misguided or biased.”

44 Betraying Animals Michael Bavidge “Our moral lives are open-ended: they, and we, are in the making.”

51 Disentangling Ourselves from Animals Eva Haifa Giraud “Every course of action carries an attendant exclusion.”


58 Reproduction Rebellion! Eva von Redecker “Reproduction relates nonpossessively to objects and spaces, in order to support them in the process of regeneration.”

61 Free Will: Real or Illusion? An exchange between Christian List, Gregg Caruso & Cory Clark “Far from being undermined by a scientific worldview, the idea of free will is actually supported by it”

81 Philosophy without any Limits (or Gaps)

A conversation with Peter Adamson “The idea that there are these great thinkers who have all the influence just isn’t sustainable for Western or Eastern philosophy”


87 The Future of Humanism Anthony Morgan reviews Raymond Tallis’ Seeing Ourselves

96 Evolving Our Trust in Science Ed Gibney reviews Naomi Oreskes’ Why Trust Science?

101 Sex and Drugs (and Ethics) Elizabeth Robson reviews Brian D. Earp and Julian Savulescu’s Love Drugs


106 The Public Philosopher: The Practices of Public Philosophy Ciaran Cummins

110 The Anthropo(s)cene: Affect Jonathon Turnbull and Adam Searle

114 The Art of Questioning: Questioning in the 21st Century Lani Watson


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