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16 Songlines Music

Awards Ceremony

87 Dispatch


T a k a s h i

O k a m o t o

32 Kodo

Lenna Bahule

C h r i s

C u r t i s

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World CD 09 What’s New 14 Folk Focus 16 Songlines Music

Awards Ceremony 18 Introducing...

Jasdeep Singh Degun and Lina 20 Simon Says 21 Letters 23 Spotlight: Yorkston/


FEATURES 26 Seth Lakeman

Retelling the story of the Mayflower’s voyage 32 Kodo

Reviving Japan’s taiko drumming tradition 38 Sounds of Kinshasa

Music from the DRC’s capital in the 70s 40 Marja Mortensson

Breathing new life into Sámi joiking 44 Music & Indigenous

Languages Music’s role in keeping languages alive

REVIEWS 50 Africa 54 Americas 58 Europe 64 Asia 65 Middle East 66 Fusion 72 Books 73 Classical & Jazz 74 World Cinema 76 Live Reviews

82 Omar Sosa


78 My World:

Ludovico Einaudi 81 Postcard from

Kathmandu 82 Beginner’s Guide to Omar Sosa 84 Festival Pass:

The Spirit of Tengri 87 Dispatch from Maputo, Mozambique 89 Quickfire 91 My Instrument:

Kuljit Bhamra 93 Gig Guide 98 Overseas Festivals 101 Soapbox 102 Essential 10:

Sámi Albums

“That’s the role of the musician in society: to be part of the community,

and to offer the gi s we have to the people who need them” Read folk singer Maz O’Connor’s Soapbox, p101


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