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Regulars p. 3 Editor’s Note p. 6 The Q&A Economist and author Ann Pettifor p. 9 Witness Compiled by our team p. 71 Crossword Set by Chaliapin columns p. 18 Reportage The social and legal challenge of leaving Islam Contents Spring 2020

p. 73 Quiz Set by Chris Maslanka p. 16 Cosmos Solving the puzzle of the mass of a neutrino By Marcus Chown p. 69 In a word “Leader” By Michael Rosen p. 74 Endgame There is no better time to be alive By Laurie Taylor



Preeti Jha on Malaysia, page 18

“As citizens of the 21st century, carbon dioxide haunts our lives” Alice Bell, page 34

in Malaysia By Preeti Jha p. 22 Cover story How to transcend the climate change culture war By Will McCallum p. 26 History The complex truths of the Kindertransport By Ken Worpole p. 30 Ethics How the climate crisis stretches human limits By Jonathan Rée p. 34 Science A brief history of CO2 By Alice Bell p. 38 Rights With measles on the rise in the UK,

should vaccinations be mandatory? By Richard Scorer p. 42 Ideas German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk and the return of rage By Peter Salmon Culture p. 48 Art Using data to fight back against scientific racism By Lola Okolosie p. 52 Religion The curious back story of y

New Humanist | Spring 2020

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