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The Wire Tapper 52 Your track by track guide to this month’s free CD

The Wire Tapper 52 is given away with all copies of The Wire 434 (April 2020). If your copy of the CD is missing or damaged, either return the magazine to where you bought it to get a replacement, or contact The Wire: +44 (0)20 7422 5010, subs@ For details of all previous volumes in The Wire Tapper series, go to the-wire-tapper. 

4 | The Wire | The Wire Tapper 52

1 E/I “emission/intention” From emission/intention (Love & Beauty Music) Founded in 2018 by drummer and composer Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek, the Copenhagen based band E/I describe their work as acoustic ambient or modern spiritual music. Alongside Gąsiorek on percussion, their line-up includes Nicole Hogstrand (cello), Asger Thomsen (double bass), Gianluca Elia (tenor saxophone), Michał Biel (baritone saxophone) and Jędrzej Łagodziński (tenor saxophone).,

2 Blacks’ Myths “Northern Confederate” From Blacks’ Myths II (Atlantic Rhythms) Washington DC duo Blacks’ Myths are the rhythm section of bassist Luke Stewart and drummer Warren ‘Trae’ Crudup III. On their 2018 debut Blacks’ Myths, they established their signature symbiotic sound of “locking into something vibrant and free”. Its sequel Blacks’ Myths II collects 13 tracks from a three day session in summer 2019 featuring an expanding set of collaborators meditating on the duo’s concept of “sonic blackness”.,

3 Military Genius “L.M.G.D.” From Deep Web (Unheard of Hope) Compiled over four years while performing with such acts as N0V3L, Crack Cloud and

Blanka, the first Military Genius record is essentially the solo project of Canadian guitarist and saxophonist Bryce Cloghesy. Self-described as an “audiovisual project that mirrors the political and existential turmoil of our times”, Military Genius’s desire is “to spread a message of peace amidst the turbulence” through a blend of rigid composition and freeform noise.

4 Cayos “Still Ill In Vostok” From Map Legend (Schematic) Cayos are an experimental collaboration between two Miami natives now based in New York, the architect Daniel Laburu and US soldier Nick Reyes. Longtime members of the Schematic Music Company and purveyors of field recordings as well as heavily processed guitar and digital instruments, Cayos have returned with two new bodies of sounds: Naranja (2020) and its EP prelude Map Legend (2019). schematicmusiccompany.,

5 Kinematik “Al-Qulub Al-Mughallafa Bet-Turab La Tankaser” From Murur Al-Kiram (Ruptured/Beacon Sound) From the village of Rayfoun in the Lebanese mountains, post-rock band Kinematik formed in the summer of 2014, and three years later they recorded their debut album Ala’ for Lebanese indie label Ruptured. They released its sequel Murur Al-Kiram in February 2020 via Ruptured and the Portland based Beacon Sound. Both albums were recorded and co-produced by Fadi Tabbal from Tunefork Studios in Beirut. Live, the band have built a reputation for elaborate shows devised with different visual artists. facebook. com/knmtklb,,

6 Samuel Goff “Snakebite” From Transmissions (Cacophonous Revival Recordings/Orb Tapes) Richmond, Virginia percussionist, musician, improvisor, composer and writer Samuel Goff comprises half of the “distressed noise rock” unit Among The Rocks And Roots and is a founding member of the avant improv collective RAIC. His solo debut Transmissions was recently released by his own Cacophonous Revival Recordings. He is working on his second solo album. Cacophonousrevivalrecordings.,

7 Mute Duo “Red-Winged Blackbirds” From Lapse In Passage (American Dreams) Comprised of Skyler Rowe on drums and percussion and Sam Wagster on pedal steel, Chicago’s Mute Duo explore an ambient atmosphere ranging from sparse chimes to pummelling drone with a free, rhythmic fluidity. Their second LP Lapse In Passage reveals the duo moving into new territory while stepping up their instrumentation, layering and production.,

8 DAY & TAXI “DOOWOO (to Corsin Fontana)” From DEVOTION (Percaso Production) DAY & TAXI were founded over 30 years ago as a quartet featuring the ingway (8)


D ye (7); Jordan igh le

Randy Reus (6); Ash

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