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Contents Issue 287 May 2020

Up front 1 Editorial 6 Contributors 8 Letters plus ’ cartoon strip

Opinions 10 Civil liberties and lockdowns 11 Finding spiritual solace 12 A new “war” economy?

SPOTLIGHT ON SOUTH KOREA 13 How they flattened the curve

AT LAW 14 Government by jackboot

SPEED DATA 17 Still poor: how child poverty wasn’t abolished &

THE DUEL 18 Are central banks impotent?

Cover story

20 The toll of the disease— and the poison of the treatment

25 The quest for a vaccine

31 Into the unknown: we don’t even know what we don’t know


38 Do you speak dog? Science is closing the language barrier between beast and man

44 The nation and the planet Why we’ll need to save the world from climate change one country at a time

50 The God that paled How GE Moore went from revered philosopher to modern obscurity



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