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06 FIRST TESTS Streamers from Arcam and Bel Canto, Dali’s Rubicon speakers and QED cables – all packed into our reviews section

24 INSIDER INTERVIEW Touraj Moghaddam, founder of Roksan Audio – and now of Vertere Acoustics – discusses his career in hi-fi

28TURNTABLES ROUND-UP Joining the vinyl revolution? Here are 15 of the best turntables for every budget

46BEST 50 BRITISH ALBUMS A two-part special feature to celebrate our passion for vinyl: our favourite 50 British albums – each one guaranteed to give your system a workout

48CARTRIDGES Expect plenty of needle as we round up the best four cartridges on the market from Pro-Ject, Ortofon and Goldring

52PHONO STAGES Chord, Musical Fidelity and Vertere Acoustics phono stages have a vinyl face-off in our Group Test

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