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Features COVER STORY Digging up farming’s future

24 By adopting regenerative methods, farmers are looking to the soil to fight climate change and improve life on their land


We explore some of the innovative new farms proving how to feed the planet without destroying it

Keep the faith in love 68

Meet the people proving that being LGBTQ+ doesn’t hold back a commitment to religious beliefs

The most exciting technology for transport in the 21st century is the bike p42


Driving cars out of cities 42

Urban areas kicking out automobiles are happier – and it’s better for business

Sowing the seeds at sea 38

Restoring the UK’s seagrass could help capture carbon and boost biodiversity

50 The yes men In a post Me Too world, young men are getting clued up on consent

Protecting paradise

74 A community in the Maldives fight to protect its island’s reef

Flexible communication

78 Meet the UK’s first sign language yoga instructor

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