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Close Reading Claire Crowther reviews Juana Adcock, Lisa Kelly and John McCullough 70 Fiona Moore reviews Deryn Rees-Jones, Roger Robinson and Chen Chen 73 Jade Cuttle reviews Richard Osmond, Julia Webb and Carlos Andrés Gómez 76 Jane Routh reviews David Briggs, Susannah Dickey and Miriam Gamble 79

The Articles

British Latinx: Writing into Existence 24 Nathalie Teitler

Río Tambopata

Pascale Petit


Ghazal for a Marginal Sea

Sophie Segura Translating ‘Florentino y el Diablo’



Misreading ‘Florentino y el Diablo’ Andre Bagoo The Argentinian Rugby Women 10 Julie Irigaray Living in the Spirit 10 Yashika Graham Skirt of Snakes 11 Juana Adcock Dear White Bowl 12 Jane Wilkinson Poriúncula 13 Ben Corvo What would Rogelio de la Vega do? 14 Hilary Watson I Sit Half-Naked 15 A.M. Juster In the midst of quietness and silence 21 Nic Stringer Nossa Senhora 21 Christopher Nield El Sapo/The Toad 22 Christopher Watson Niño de Granada 23 Granada Boy Eneida Alcalde To Be/Dicotomía 27 Denisse Vargas-Bolaños

A Casa das Palavras Pequenas 28 Anne Ryland Recoleta Cemetery 29 John Arnold Praça XV de Novembro 29 Stephen Payne The Accidental Zoo 30 Amy Wack Río Coco Clay 35 Lorna Shaughnessy Wall 36 Marina Sánchez Monkey’s Birthday, In Praise of My Fat Bolivian Mamita 37 Katherine Lockton Dividing Line (after an instructional manual for American ranch owners to speak with their Mexican employees) 38 Mary-Jane Holmes IV 39 Yomi Sode Ode to South ldn gyal-dem 39 Caleb Femi Casa de los Tres Mundos 40 David Hawkins Bocas del Dragón 41 Amílcar Sanatan Searching in the Big North (Norte Grande) 42 Ken Evans Fragment from Atacama 42 Colin Pink


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