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Amjad Nasser

Mosab Abu Toha

Muhsin al-Musawi

Huda Fakhreddine

Wadih Saadeh

1 Jan Dost: Writing in Kurdish and Arabic 10 EDITORIAL 12 Fakhri Saleh: AMJAD NASSER (1955–2019) When the Arabic Prose Poem Met World Literature 20 Muhammad Khudayyir: Literary Influences: The

Baghdad Tattoo, translated by William M. Hutchins 30 ARGANA INTERNATIONAL POETRY PRIZE WINNERS 31 Wadih Saadeh: Selected Poems, translated by Huda J. Fakhreddine 38 Hawad : A Poem, translated by Jake Syersak 43 Huda Fakhreddine: A Poem 44 Mosab Abu Toha: Three Poems 47 Mohamed Arbi: Six Poems, translated by Huda Fakhreddine 50 Muhsin al-Musawi: Kamoun’s Corner, a chapter from the novel Takhatur (Telepathy), translated by Mbarek Sryfi and Roger Allen 66 Abdo Wazen: Interview with Muhsin al-Musawi 70 SPECIAL FEATURE – ELIAS KHOURY 72 Bibliography of novels of Elias Khoury 73 Elias Khoury: Stella Maris, excerpts from the novel, translated by Humphrey Davies 91 Maia Tabet: Discovering Elias Khoury 95 Maher Jarrar: Language and Textual Strategies: A Reading of Elias Khoury’s Novels

8 Banipal 67 – SpRinG 2020

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