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Stubborn optimism Issue 320 May/June 2020





8 THE VIRUS IS CAPITALISM The decision to defend profit and not people has been a grave error, says Brendan Montague 10 RETURNING THE POLIS TO POLITICS Brendan Montague interviews George Monbiot 14 CLEARING THE AIRWAYS Russell Warfield celebrates a ground-breaking court ruling 16 THE REAL CUSTODIANS OF THE FOREST Colonial conservation is destroying biodiversity, argues

Mya-Rose Craig 18 A STATE OF GOOD REPAIR We can restore even the most broken ecosystems,

writes Kate Blincoe 20 ON THE TRAIL OF MARY MIDGLEY Nat Dyer catches up with a touring biscuit tin


22 TIME TO CHOOSE Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac look back at the Paris Agreement with a message for the future

Cover image: Lake Mungo National Park, Australia Photograph by Russell Curr @russellcurr


26 THE STUBBORN OPTIMIST Catherine Early speaks to former UNFCCC chief

Christiana Figueres 30 CHAMPIONS OF THE FUTURE Harriet Lamb profiles community leaders around the world 34 CHALLENGING POWER IN INDIA Vandana K meets 12-year-old activist

Ridhima Pandey


36 THE POLITICS OF LOVE Satish Kumar recollects some wisdom from Gandhi 40 THE ‘BIG APPLE’ James Clarke reflects on the legacy of

Johnny Appleseed

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2 Resurgence & Ecologist

May/June 2020

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