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(Serpent’s Tail, London, 2012) Number and Numbers, p. 58; © Polity Press, Cambridge UK, 2008 (translated by Robin Mackay from Le Nombre et les Nombres © Editions du Seuil, Paris, 1990) Interview by Spitzer and Blanton, in Incident at Antioch, p. 140; by permission of Columbia University Press

Author’s acknowledgements I would like to thank some of the people who have contributed, in complementary ways, to the “eventing” of this book: Duncan Heath for his editing and publishing efforts, constant support and patience. Piero for his outstanding artwork. Arthur Rose for the long conversations on Badiou. Rolando Morales, Dwayne Dahlbeck, Jason Bruno, Andrew Erickson and Will Sturkey for their eternal friendship. Cheryl Ann Kelly, Stephanie Michelle Kelly and Lior Libman for their amazing love, strength and support. And last, but not least, Professor Alain Badiou, for the times he sat and chatted with me, and in general for his boundless generosity.

I dedicate this book to the memory of my father, Terrence Edward Kelly. A father, a husband, a brother, a friend, and a human being with faults and fears like the rest of us. I learn from his wisdom as much as from his mistakes. I will never forget his firm commitment to egalitarian principles, his belief in universal truth and his pedagogy of love above all else T not to mention his freakish basketball skills, inventor of the famed “Kelly shot”.

Artist’s acknowledgements I would like to thank Duncan Heath for his trust and patience. I dedicate this book to my father, my sisters Rosana and Carolina Pierini and my mother who supports me blindly, also to all the Cruz family, my family and to the person I love the most.

Author biography Michael J. Kelly is Visiting Professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Library Fellow at The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. His research intersects contemporary philosophical thought with critical theories of historiography and philosophy of history. He is the author of Introducing Alain Badiou: A Graphic Guide (London: Icon Books, 2014), Speculative Objectivism: A Radical Philosophy of History (New York: Punctum Books, forthcoming 2015), and several articles, reports and dialogues. He is, with Arthur J. Rose, co-General Editor of the journal Badiou Studies and co-convenor of Lacan Read(s) Across the Disciplines. He is also co-General Director and Editor of Networks and Neighbours, and General Director of the international seminar series, Philosophies of History.


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