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Jean Baudrillard - Selected Texts

(1975) The Mirror of Production,

St Louis: Telos Press (1981) For a Critique of the Political Economy of the Sign,

St Louis: Telos Press { 1983) In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities,

New York: Semiotext{e) (1987) Forget Foucault,

New York: Semiotext{e) (1988) America,

London: Verso (1988) The Ecstasy of Communication,

New York: Semiotext{e) (1990) Seduction,

London: Macmillan (1990) Cool Memories I,

London: Verso (1990) Fatal Strategies,

New York: Semiotext{e) (1993) The Transparency of Evil,

London: Verso (1993) Symbolic Exchange and Death,

London: Sage Publications (1994) Simulacra and Simulation,

University of Michigan (1994) The Illusion of the End,

Cambridge: Polity Press (1995) The Gulf War Did Not Take Place,

Sydney: Power Publications AclcnowledgeMents Chris would like to thank: Jean Baudrillard, Toby Clark, Cristina Mateo, Corinne Thomas, Liberation and John Dutton. Zoran is grateful to Mila & Michel in Paris, Maura, Spira and everybody who had patience, while he ignored them during the work on this book ...

Biographies Chris Horrocks trained as a fine artist at Bath Academy, then studied Cultural History at the Royal College of Art, London. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Art History at Kingston University, Surrey. He is also the author of Introducing Foucault. Zoran Jevtic is an illustrator and multimedia author, currently involved in computer animation, design and music projects. He is also the illustrator of Introducing Foucault.


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