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Correspondences TIM INGOLD University of Aberdeen “Tim Ingold’s correspondents include not only his fellow humans and their works, but also animals, trees, rocks, rivers, sunshine, wind, rain, and snow – in short, all of the variegated, sensate, ever transforming materials of a universe in constant becoming.” Stuart J. McLean, University of Minnesota We inhabit a world of more than humans. For life to flourish, we must listen and respond to the calls this world makes on us. That is what it means to correspond, to join our lives with those of the beings, matters and elements with whom, and with which, we dwell upon the earth. Tim Ingold opens a personal collection of correspondences with landscapes and forests, oceans and skies, monuments and artworks. To each he brings the same spontaneity of thought and observation, but also the same affection, longing and care that, in the days when we used to write letters by hand, we would bring to our correspondences with one another. The result is a profound yet accessible series of provocations and reflections. At a time when words so often seem to fail us, Ingold points to how the practice of correspondence can help restore our kinship with a stricken earth.

198 x 129mm | 240 pages | UK October 2020, US November 2020 HB | 978-1-5095-4410-3 | £50.00 | $64.95 | €61.90 PB | 978-1-5095-4411-0 | £15.99 | $22.95 | €19.90 ebook available

Down to Earth Politics in the New Climactic Regime BRUNO LATOUR Sciences Po, Paris Translated by Catherine Porter Climate change has led to political crisis, with massive inequalities and deregulation. Equally, the Left still hopes in globalization - when, everywhere, people are turning back to the protection of national borders. Bruno Latour argues the solution lies in reorienting our perspective. Bringing us down to earth is the task of politics today.

216 x 138mm | 144 pages | 2018 HB | 978-1-5095-3056-4 | £40.00 | $49.95 | €48.90 PB | 978-1-5095-3057-1 | £12.99 | $14.95 | €15.90 ebook available

Defending Freedom How We Can Win the Fight for an Open Society RALF FÜCKS Centre for Liberal Modernity Translated by Nick Somers “Fücks’ compelling read challenges all of us to take up the fight for an open society. Defending Freedom is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand the current crisis of liberal democracy.” Karen Donfried, President, German Marshall Fund of the U.S. “This book is a rare thing: a defense of liberal values that confronts every enemy directly and looks confidently to the future. It deserves a wide readership on both sides of the Atlantic.” Timothy Snyder, Yale University Confidence in democratic institutions and mainstream politics today is fast eroding. How can we address this? Leading Green politician and thinker Ralf Fücks argues that our current predicament stems from a failure to defend democracy as the guarantor of freedom. In a powerful counter, he outlines the basis for an amb

216 x 138mm | 208 pages | 2019 HB | 978-1-5095-3623-8 | £50.00 | $64.95 | €61.90 PB | 978-1-5095-3624-5 | £15.99 | $22.95 | €19.90 ebook available

Can Democracy Handle Climate Change? DANIEL J. FIORINO American University Daniel J. Fiorino challenges the assumptions and evidence offered by sceptics of democracy and its capacity to handle climate change. Rather than less democracy, Fiorino calls for a more accountable and responsive politics that will provide democraticallyelected governments with the enhanced capacity for collective action on environmental issues. SERIES: DEMOCRATIC FUTURES 190 x 124mm | 160 pages | 2018 HB | 978-1-5095-2395-5 | £35.00 | $45.00 | €42.90 PB | 978-1-5095-2396-2 | £9.99 | $12.95 | €12.90 ebook available

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