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Contents 03 Editorial

07 News

05 Insight George Shaw contemplates Lindow Man

08 Research news

11 Acquisitions

15 Gifts from the past Amelia Dowler reveals the story behind the Lloyd collection of coins

16 Around the UK

20 Across the world

22 Diary

24 Sacred transformations Imma Ramos gives an overview of the development of Tantra

28 Weathering climate change in the Arctic Amber Lincoln investigates the challenges of life in the frozen north

34 Artist at work Grant Lewis celebrates a bequest from the artist Geoffrey Clarke

36 Salamis uncovered Thomas Kiely sheds fresh light on an early excavation

40 Cleaning with lasers Duygu Camurcuoglu and Amy Drago explain a revolutionary conservation technique

42 Making an impression Jennifer Ramkalawon explores printmaking in 19th-century France

46 Classifying Sloane’s collections Alexandra Ortolja-Baird describes the digitisation of Sir Hans Sloane’s records

49 Power and grace Alfred Haft reflects on designs for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics

50 Recording exile Isabel Seligman gives the background to Edmund de Waal’s special installation

52 Visions of greatness Sarah Vowles discusses Piranesi’s drawings

54 Parthia versus Rome Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis analyses the clash between two empires

56 First cities and frontiers Gareth Brereton considers the latest archaeological discoveries in Iraq

59 Book reviews

62 Special offers

64 Curator’s choice Neil Wilkin delves into the mystery of a Bronze Age ceremonial sword

Painting of the goddess Narodakini, Tibet, c.1700–1900.

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Cover Kenojuak Ashevak (1927–2013), Nunavut Qajanartuk (Our Beautiful Land). Lithograph and watercolour, 1992. Reproduced with the permission of West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative.

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British Museum Magazine Spring/Summer 2020


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