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The Wire bookshop An online store dealing in selected specialist music and art books. Many of the books stocked in the shop have been signed by the authors (many of whom are regular contributors to The Wire). All subscribers to the magazine get special discounts on all titles in the shop For details of prices, signed copies and how to order, go to

Listening To Noise And Silence Salomé Voegelin Continuum Pbk 232pp

The Resistible Demise Of Michael Jackson Mark Fisher (Editor) Zer0 Pbk 310pp

Fear Of Music David Stubbs Zer0 Pbk 144pp

Sinister Resonance David Toop Continuum Hbk 156pp

Cold World Dominic Fox Zer0 Pbk 72pp

Welcome To Mars Ken Hollings Strange Attractor Pbk 292pp + CD

Electric Eden Rob Young Faber & Faber Pbk 664pp

Acoustic Territories Brandon Labelle Continuum Pbk 276pp

The Wire Primers Rob Young (Editor) Verso Pbk 198pp

Invisible Jukebox Tony Herrington (Editor) Quartet Pbk 250pp

Undercurrents Rob Young (Editor) Continuum Pbk 282pp

How To Wreck A Nice Beach Dave Tompkins Melville House/Stopsmiling Hbk 336pp

A Long Time Between Suns The Otolith Group Sternberg Press Pbk 158pp

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