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Highly readable, exciting books that take the struggle out of reading, Wired and Wired Up offer gripping, ageappropriate stories at a manageable length and reading level for reluctant and struggling readers aged 11-14. September 2011 pbk £5.99 198 x 129 mm [73/4 x 51/8 in] black & white illustrations




AGE 8+

Beast Hunter Kathryn White Everyone knows the flooded quarry is dangerous. But when Jake spots the tail of a huge reptile disappearing into the undergrowth, nobody believes him! He needs to get proof before anyone will take him seriously. And that means hunting the beast himself...

3,000 words 64pp

Wired Up

Begging Letter Judy Waite Connie doesn’t stand a chance with Josh – not when he worships Megan. Fed up, she writes a letter to the universe asking for Josh to fall in love with her, and for Megan’s hair to fall out. But when her wishes come true, Connie is consumed with guilt. How can she put things right?


AGE 9+

6,000 words 80pp

Death Match Andy Croft During the Nazi occupation of the Ukraine, a match was set up between Dynamo Kiev’s players and a German side. Kiev won. And the next match, and the next. Until the half-starved players faced an international calibre German side, under the threat of execution if they didn’t let the occupiers win...

Run, Jimmy, Run Malachy Doyle Jimmy can’t stand Dax’s bullying any longer. He steals £150 from his father and runs away. But Dax is on the same train – and he sees the money. Now Jimmy and Dax are locked in a frantic chase. Can Jimmy run fast enough?

The Haunted Mobile Robert Dodds Jake’s mobile is going wrong. It’s sending weird texts to his friends. Then they start appearing on his phone – from himself. Then the voice messages begin. A girl is trapped in a storm drain, begging him for help. Finally he gets a live call from her – but is it already too late?


Seconds Out Dan Tunstall Andy’s the school hard man. He likes a scrap, loves his tough reputation. But he’s going to lose his girlfriend and his future if he can’t sort himself out. Can Andy swap fighting for boxing – and maybe earn some real respect?

Is There Anybody There? Maggie Pearson Four kids get bored of scary videos at Hallowe’en – so they make up details about a fake ‘ghost’ to see if their collective imaginations will create messages from it on a Ouija board. It’s just a bit of fun – but the messages start to come. And then so do the accidents... and the haunting...

Kidnap Chris Powling Adam and Daisy, a billionaire’s children, are kidnapped along with Leo, the son of one of their staff. The three kids must work together to escape their brutal captors – but soon Adam starts to wonder if the kidnapping was an inside job...