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✣ May 2020

The month 5 From the editor’s desk 7 Diary Do big families deal better with the lockdown? asks Colin Brazier 8-9 News round-up 10 World 12 Richard Ingrams Something doesn’t add up about the ‘cheating’ major 14 The UK 17 Mary Kenny The pandemic has given me time to embrace the simple life 18 The US 20 Freddy Gray The Catholic vote can slip away from presidential candidates 21 The Vatican 23 Fr Raymond de Souza Bocelli raises his voice 24 Obituaries 26 Country in Focus South Africa 28 First person 30 Issue in Focus  The economic crisis Writers 32 Tim Stanley With or without the coronavirus, God doesn’t go away

The anniversary of the fire p59

Waiting to re-open churches p8 Keeping your distance p62

34 Matthew Schmitz The tragedy of Chinatown has echoes of Augustine 36 Past and present Charles Coulombe on the spiritual history of Glastonbury 38 Michael Duggan A good pub is hard to find – but not impossible 40 The Thinker The theologian Fr Thomas White in conversation with Ben Conroy 42 The question How are Herald friends and writers coping with the lockdown? 44 John Gray Secular faith has no answers to the coronavirus 46 Simone Lia’s cartoon 47 Dialogue James Patterson and Brandon McGinley discuss US history 49 Letters Plus: from the archives Arts 52 Michael Tomko Wordsworth’s fascination with monastic life 54 TV Audrey Pollnow on a TV drama that sells women activists short

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