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Volume 34 No. 2 Issue No. 132


14 In search of siege landscapes In the third and final article in his series on siege archaeology, Damian Shiels considers the landscape evidence for Ireland’s seventeenth-century sieges. 19 Historical perspectives on cheese production Tim Cogan and Liam Downey look into the history and practice of cheese-making in Ireland. 23 The Meadow of Maolán’s

House Paul Logue, Barney Devine and Jonathan Barkley identify a Gaelic moated site and its owners in County Fermanagh. 27 A much-storied shield

Barry Molloy examines the Bronze Age leather shield from Clonbrin, Co. Longford.


50 43 Know your monuments:

30 From early to late:

uncovering medieval Ferns Catherine McLoughlin reports on recent excavations in Ferns, Co. Wexford. 35 Margaret Stokes: an enterprising and pioneering scholar Marie Bourke reintroduces an underappreciated nineteenthcentury scholar of early medieval Ireland. 39 The fretful crosses of Ferns

Bernice Kelly and Chris Corlett reveal the discovery of a new high cross fragment at Ferns, Co. Wexford.

Early ecclesiastical sites in Ireland In this contribution to the Know Your Monuments series, Muiris O’Sullivan and Liam Downey review what is known about early ecclesiastical sites in Ireland. 47 Hard times on horseback

Rena Maguire examines the sparse evidence for Ireland’s early medieval tack. 50 The Venerable Bead

Zenobie S. Garrett reveals the role of a small artefact in telling a big story. 53 Digging in the archives

Cover image: Leather shield from Clonbrin, Co. Longford (reproduced with the kind permission of the National Museum of Ireland).




Archaeology Ireland Summer 2020

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