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Make a… bouquet brooch

Step 1

STITCH the brooch design in the centre of a 9x7cm (3½x2¾in) piece of 14 count plasticaida, using two strands for the cross stitch, one for the backstitch andonefortheFrenchknots.

Step 2

CUT aroundthedesign,leavingone unstitched square of plastic aida aroundtheflowers–usesmall scissors, workingoneblock at a time, and avoid cuttingany stitches.

Step 3

LAY the stitched plastic aida on the felt, then trim a 9x7cm (3½x2¾in) pieceofgreen felt so it fits the back of thestitching.Usingfabricglue,attach the felt to the back of the bouquet. Ensure the edges are stuck firmly.

Step 4

USE a length of green stranded cotton to firmly sew a brooch back to the felt on the back of the stitching.

Turn over to start your mini summer sampler!



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