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Recovery time Issue 321 July/August 2020





10 ONE PLANET, ONE HEALTH Our toxic food system must not survive this crisis,

writes Vandana Shiva 14 FOOD-CHAIN REACTION Laurie King reports on the UK’s most northerly community-run agriculture project 16 CHEERING ON A FIGUREHEAD PL Henderson reflects on Greta Thunberg’s legacy in Portugal 17 LET’S FACE IT A group of artists use face masks to make a statement on our times 18 GARDENING FOR THE EARTH Stephen Blackmore and Gunter Fischer share the lessons of restoration in Hong Kong 20 DEFENDING LAKE KOP Eleanor Rose reports from Bosnia 22 MONEY CAN GROW ON TREES We must rethink the value of forests if we are to save them, argues Simon M. Lamb

Cover image: Buzz, 12" x 12", acrylic on maple panel, 2019 by Tiffany Bozic Bozic’s work features in Biophilia,

an online exhibition by


24 BUILDING A NEW NORMAL The path towards regenerative economies is made by walking it, writes Daniel Christian Wahl


30 FOR PEAT’S SAKE Sarah Proctor celebrates International Bog Day 32 GIVE PEAT A CHANCE Photographer Lizzie Shepherd visits Fleet Moss 34 FUEL FOR THOUGHT Donald Murray explores the good and the dark side to peat-digging 36 PROTECTING TROPICAL PEATLANDS We share news of a potentially ground-saving project 38 DIGGING A HOLE FOR OURSELVES Nicky Scott questions the use of peat in gardens

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July/August 2020

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