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A groundsman cuts a solitary figure during lockdown while attending to the new pitch at Tranmere’s Prenton Park

When Saturday Comes No 400 July/August 2020

REGULARS 5 Editorial The Premier League still hold back from taking radical action to combat systemic racism 6 Sidelines Ba r r ow awa i t t he i r Footba l l L e a g ue f at e ;

stepping away from Facebook arguments; Je r s e y Bu l l s pr epa r e t o e r a s e a nd r ew i nd 10 Shot! Tranmere Rovers haven’t played since March but plenty has happened on and off the pitch 18 Harry Pearson column New stadiums come fresh out the box – you have to wait for them to become familiar 24 Focus on Fan culture 1986-95, as the photography f e at u r ed i nWSC documented the rapid ch a nge s t a k i ng pl ace i n f ootba l l

The football ground in 1986 was a place of expression, for better or worse, and whether articulate or aimless Matches in the 1980s p22

42 Letters At the outset of lockdown I decided to wear e ve r y T- sh i r t i n my c upboa rd . . .

46 Season in brief The l a s t t ime a t e am ot he r t h a n Baye r n

Munich or Dortmund won the Bundesliga

FEATURES 14 System reboot

There’s post-war precedent for restarting football after a suspension but Covid-19 puts us in very different circumstances; the nonLeague players itching to get back on the pitch

38 Why always us

Some fanbases are more qualified to claim themselves as long-suffering than others

40 Object lessons

The World Cup scarf which serves as a r em i nde r t he qu i zma s t e r i s not a lway s r i ght

WSC 400 20 Growing up fast

The i r l a s e r f o c u s s i nce ch i l d hood means i t ’s h a rde r t h a n e ve r t o r e l at e t o f ootba l l e r s – a nd t h at ’s not nece s s a r i l y a bad t h i ng

22 A time and a place

The s o c i a l s t i gma of be i ng a f ootba l l f a n a nd stadiums that were unfit for purpose made 1980s matchgoing a very different prospect


Unlike war, Covid-19 strikes at the very heart of spectator sport. Its sociability, its community, its crowds are all strategic weaknesses in the face of the new threat Football’s return p14

28 Sonic youth

Fanzineshelped the crossover between football and music take hold in the late 1980s, but the game’s cool credentials would reach their peak before the next decade was out

30 Tube drivers

In the world of televised football, many more ideas have been tried and discarded than have ever stuck – and some faces have endured on our screens longer than others

34 To DIY for

A new generation of editors and contributors h ave he lp ed e s t abl i sh a r e c ent r e s u r gence i n print fanzines, while several titles that started out in the 1980s heyday of zine culture are still going strong

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