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Regular Features Competition


Jamal Mehmood



Liz Berry responds to Kim Addonizio


Close Reading Martyn Crucefix reviews Denise Riley, Will Harris and Em Strang 74 Sarah-Jane Zubair reviews Ben Thompson, Jacqueline Saphra and Kei Miller 77 Lisa Kelly reviews Andrew McDonnell, Fran Lock and British LatinX Writers 80 Cheryl Moskowitz reviews Gerry Cambridge, Matthew Caley and Merrie Joy Williams 83

Magma Poetry Competition 2019/20 Hospitality 44 Judge’s First: Mark Russell The mothers scream into the void 45 Judge’s Second: Victoria Richards Ventriloquism 46 Judge’s Third: Rachael Matthews Goose Neck Lamp 47 Editors’ First: James Pollock Morning After 47 Editors’ Second: Paul Nemser Muldro 47 Editors’ Third: Lydia Harris

The Articles

Frying Sounds

Four poets of under 30 years


Apieceofpaperisverylight 22 Five poets aged 60 and over

Breaking Form and Ta k i ng R i s k s

Bad Betty Press

Cracking On

Grey Hen Press

5 6


The Poems


Maggie Butt Changeling



Matthew Griffiths Road Repairs


Peter Wise Argyll Street, 1942


Gregor Addison May is the Month to Die in 12 Lucy Cage Umdudla 13 Thembe Mvula At Nearly Three 18 Kathryn Simmonds Westerplatte 19 Tim Kiely Fourteen 24 Callum James milk 25 Molly Pearson winter a dropped stitch 26 Judy Brown mouthguard 26 Olga Dermott-Bond Ibelieveinmiracles 27 Mark Fiddes It’s 1978 28 Jim Johnstone My Plea of Not Guilty 29 Eric Paul Shaffer Birdhead 30 Gita Ralleigh the revolution is a teenage girl 31 Christy Ku


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