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Contents Issue 290 August/September 2020

Cover story

The world’s 50 top thinkers

Prospect salutes a range of indispensable minds for a planet in trauma


Up front 1 Editorial 6 Contributors 8 Letters 16 Stephen Collins’s cartoon strip

Opinions 11 Hold on to your friends 12 One struggle, two countries 13 Coup by statute in Hong Kong 14-15 The governance of Britain: No 10’s ambitions decoded ,

AT LAW 17 Slavers and lawyers

VIEW FROM BRAZIL 18 A stadium of the dead

SPEED DATA 19 How racist is Britain? &

THE DUEL 20 Should we try and return the economy to “business as usual”?



34 White lies matter The war over statues is really about the myth of Anglo-Saxon supremacy

40 In place of hope White identity politics is a dangerous dead end

46 The politics of atonement Germany has faced up to its crimes. Why can’t Russia? &

50 Getting somewhere Belonging matters. It is high time economists caught up


58 A world with less travel After months locked down, might we finally kick the flying habit?

64 I was Saddam’s prisoner How a holiday to Iraq turned into a child’s nightmare

70 Daylight robbery How cities are putting their sunlight up for sale

76 Titan of the west Ernest Bevin—from delivery boy to world-shaping statesman


PROSPECT PORTRAIT Trump’s brain Would Attorney General Bill Barr bend any rule to win his boss a second term?

86 Zooming out Video calls have changed everything from meetings to sex—but at what cost?

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