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berta garcía faet, ‘Pre-nuptial Questionnaire’ 3 Translated by terence dooley ribka sibhatu, two poems 5 Translated by andré naffis-sahely phi hoàng, ‘Return’ 7 Translated by o mayeux stewart sanderson, two poems 9 rainer maria rilke, two poems 12 Translated by will stone Here: a Next Generation Translation Project 15

Introduction by rachel long iman mersal, ‘The Professor’ Translated by momtaza mehri ỌlátúbỌ́ sún oládàpỌ̀ , ‘Ode to my Mother’ Translated by yomi sỌde máire mhac an tsaoi, ‘Thoughts in the Evening’ Translated by aisling fahey gladys casely-hayford, ‘Courtship’ Translated by rachel long Here: a Conversation ouanessa younsi, from Métissée 35 Translated by rebecca l. thompson krystsina banduryna, ‘Mollusks’ 39 Translated by hanna komar Persian Poets, four lickos 41 Translated by mansour alimoradi, mehdi ganjavi and amin fatemi ro mehrooz, ‘I Wanted…’ 43 Translated by ro mehrooz

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