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guest editor JANAYA FUTURE KHAN typographic artworks HARSH PATEL

JANAYA FUTURE KHAN The activist who told the world the future was already here

Sunday sermons aren’t just for Sundays. Against the combined voices of Black Lives Matter protests worldwide since late May, one voice broke through for its clarity, its poise, and its unflinching ability to say what needs to be said, now – and then to push it further. Janaya Future Khan, born in Toronto and currently based in LA, is the international ambassador for Black Lives Matter. There’s a notion of being global – transmitting a message to everyone, everywhere – within that title, but for Khan, posting 45-minute sermons on their own Instagram emerged as the most direct, powerful way to communicate in a time of global turbulence and transformation. They have dedicated themselves to telling people what they need to know – the realities of structural racism in our society – in order to open the conversation up to others; within those words, the space for a communal desire to build, grow, change and fight has irrevocably sprung up. Khan’s words hold revolutionary power, then, but the real power might lie in the fact of millions hearing those words, and, for once, actually listening. For their guest-edit, Khan’s voice is joined by many others from the movement, in an exploration of the recent history of Black Lives Matter, the challenges it faces in the current moment, and the hope it brings for a limitless future.




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