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CONTENTS Poems Rainie Oet Done Mourning in Autumn 7 Eleanor Hooker from traces 8 Fawzia Muradali Kane Washing the body 10

3 to 11 / 11 to 7 / 7 to 3 / day off Partitions John McCullough Candyman 14

Glass Men Quantum Fran Lock from Red Biddy 19 Susie Campbell from Little red mouth 22 Luke Kennard aller en bateau 26

Arion Vile Figs Interview 50% Human: A poetic interview with AI agents GPT-2 32 and 3 language models by Ariel Klein Poems Kit Fan Vitreous Humour 37 Kimberly Reyes a constitution 39

Candyman Eve Grubin American in England 43

Grief Dialogue Samar Diab / The Forest 45 Rachel Dbeis Death

[This is what will happen] Gboyega Odubanjo A Story About Water 47 Essay Valzhyna Mort on Alejandra Pizarnik 48

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