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Contents Issue 292 November 2020

Cover story

The new American civil war

18 Two tribes, one election and a Union in a state Even if Donald Trump loses the presidency, the splits in American society might be too deep to heal plus


SPEED DATA America’s electoral college &


Up front 1 Editorial 6 Contributors 8 Letters

Opinions 11 Covid confusion and the argument against “debate”

12 Lame ducks in the Brexit age plus ’ cartoon strip

AT LAW 14 An enabling act could happen here

VIEW FROM SWEDEN 15 The twisty tale of Dr Tegnell

THE DUEL 16 Is Britain overpopulated?


28 A world awash with debt Governments are going to have to learn to rule while deep in the red


PROSPECT PORTRAIT Mr cold eyes The new BBC boss Tim Davie is a marketing man and former Tory activist—who may save the corporation

40 The care conundrum Covid-19 should finally jolt us into grappling with the way we look after our frail and elderly

46 Museum peace Cultural institutions are the new battle ground in the culture war. The head of the V&A offers a way out

50 How the Arab world turned against Hezbollah Lauded for defying Israel, the “Party of God” is now propping up a hated dictator in Syria

54 The female iconoclast In the 50 years since Germaine Greer wrote The Female Eunuch, she has remained astonishing, brilliant and incendiary

56 Behind the veil In the age of the pandemic, John Rawls’s liberal assumptions look increasingly contingent

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