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84 LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS We get creative with the latest from Shiseido, recapturing the unbounded experimentation of school art classes, ripping up eyes and lips to make collages.


130 THAT’S SO CSM Facing rising fees and dwindling budgets, today’s students are finding that getting through art school is hard enough without a pandemic being thrown into the mix.


150 HAROLD OFFEH Playfully interrogating historical narratives and contemporary culture, Harold Offeh is this issue’s guest art editor. He highlights three artists crafting tools to dismantle the master’s house.

94 SECOND SKIN Comfortable in your own skin? Chanel Beauty takes us deeper, layering paper and mesh surfaces over vivid lips and vibrant eyes.

102 RAINBOW HAIR, DON’T CARE DIY ’til we dye! With a helping hand from Schwarzkopf Professional, we’re jumping into the 1990s tie-dye trend with psychedelic hair colours.

134 MUSAS MUXE Centring on the third-gender population of his native Oaxaca, photographer Nelson Morales finds a greater understanding of the muxe community and his own place within it.

154 TANOA SASRAKU The Plymouth-raised filmmaker and flag maker discusses growing up in the UK as a person of colour and why we should all be having more difficult conversations.

158 MICHELLE WILLIAMS GAMAKER The London-based moving-image and performance artist reflects on the necessity of thinking beyond white ideology and why she feels the gallery-representation model is dead.

162 ZADIE XA With her practice interrogating identity in the diaspora and pressing ecological realities, the Korean-Canadian artist tells HUNGER about her new political purpose.

112 QUICKSILVER After surgery to treat scoliosis of the spine, model Akinbolaji was left with scars both emotional and physical. Here, he celebrates his body’s resilience and unique beauty.

118 GUCCI GRILLZ With 40 per cent of the British population saying they’re unhappy with their teeth, we’re giving our gnashers a glam Gucci makeover.

140 CALLUM MALCOLM-KELLY The up-and-coming photographer tells us about documenting youth culture in action and capturing the energy of London’s nightlife one rave at a time.

144 CHOSEN FAMILY Nathan Appleyard returns to his hometown of Hebden Bridge to capture the lost teenage summer, photographing his sister and her friends in the West Yorkshire countryside post-lockdown.

124 FACE IT! This year has been a wild ride, that’s for sure. With a different colour for every mood, Dior Beauty helps us document the full spectrum of the emotions we’ve experienced since 2020 started.


166 WORKROOM WARDROBE Does your DIY knowledge begin and end with flat-pack furniture? Well, roll up your sleeves – with these gadgets, home improvement will be light work.

172 SPEAKERS’ CORNER This issue’s speakers sound off on feminist, peer-to-peer healthcare, pinkwashing at Pride, decolonising education with the Free Black University and the power of grassroots politics.

176 CANALI AT 85 We say buon compleanno to the octogenarian Italian fashion brand and get the lowdown on how it’s celebrating.


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