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4 Permaculture and the Ornamental Garden Jan Hoyland loves ornamental gardens as well as growing veggies, but where do they fit in a permaculture design?

8 Collaborative Food Kate Braithwaite describes how Shift Bristol’s PDC opened the door to a new way of accessing land for growing food in a group.

25 Earth Restoration John D. Liu explores how Ecosystem Restoration Camps around the world are regenerating whole landscapes, helping to mitigate climate change.

41 Apple Coppice Chris Evans has been experimenting with coppicing apple trees for deliciously scented firewood, agroforestry, pollination banks, windbreaks, and many other functions.

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The Living Roof Shed Ursula Bilson and Mark Wright decided to build a garden outbuilding with a green roof. They explain how they did it and how it is performing almost 10 years later.

46 Diversity and Community Larry Santoyo shares collaboration techniques that we can all apply in our own communities.

52 The Civet’s Tale What if the route out of widespread farming towards urban-industrial prosperity is no longer feasible? Chris Smaje reports.

59 Cleaning and Using Sheep Wool Laurence Manchee weighs up the options for using his own sheep wool and explains how to clean it naturally.

62 Social Permaculture Design Luiza Oliveira has developed the Scale of Permanence to include social aspects to be considered within permaculture designing.

66 The Poverty of Progress Martin Kirk and Alnoor Ladha make the case for an essential shift.

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1 Editorial 22 Readers’ Solutions Pallet raised beds and the Little Free Library.

39 News and Events Design competition, Permayouth festival, PM Prize shortlist and more.

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