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different than other violence I’ve seen before in the media. Maybe I was a different person. So I saw it through different eyes. I saw that image of the officer on Floyd’s neck, and it was just so brazen that it hit hard. And it made me cry and made me realize there’s no misinterpreting what’s happening. This is a problem that is bold, and it’s going to require some action to bring resolution.


I was at my house and it came over the news. And I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Here’s a man that’s on a person’s neck, and I noticed water was coming up from under the car, so I knew that his bladder had bust on him. I worked at a hospital for 38 years, so I knew that he was dying. And I just couldn’t believe it. And I’m saying, for twenty dollars?! They’re killing a man on an alleged twenty dollars?


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