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up afterwards, and from there it was just… people asking me what I was up to, and telling me where I should go, and where the protests were and where the crowd was at.

I got near the Blake residence probably around 6:30 or 7 o’clock. There was already a decent sized crowd there, but it was mainly locals. By the time, around 8:45, 9 o’clock came, a caravan from Milwaukee had arrived. There was a way larger group there now. Someone from the caravan was one of the heads from the Black Lives Matter chapter in Milwaukee. So, officially affiliated with the organization, not someone that’s holding a sign that says Black Lives Matter but someone that actually has affiliation to an actual organization—they come. Things get heated. People are yelling at the cops. Cops are kind of standing there, more of a police presence is built up. People started standing on top of cop cars.

I noticed a leader from Black Lives Matter goes and talks to the sheriff. After he talks to the sheriff, the sheriff decides that, “Hey, we’re just going to leave.” So they’re now going to try to retrieve all the vehicles. At that point a group of police get close to a vehicle to try to get into it. Someone throws a brick at the back of a cop’s head. The cop gets knocked out and things go really, really crazy—a massive flood of cops come in to come save the officer. And then they basically pull him out. They get in the car, they speed off. And the crowd then marches all the way downtown to the courthouse, as well as the public safety building and the jail.

Once they get there, out in front of the public safety building, there’s kind of a clash that happens. There’s garbage trucks set up at all the entrance points around the courthouse kind of, you know, making a blockade, for about an hour. So there was a clash between the protesters as well as the riot police. Eventually tear gas gets deployed.

Once we get out to the main road, I realized that all the garbage trucks have now been lit on fire incredibly fast. I don’t know who was the person that lit all the garbage trucks on fire, but now there’s just fires blazing everywhere. Trucks blowing up. People trying to set the courthouse on fire. Eventually, there’s people rummaging around through the burned-down trucks looking for things to throw and stuff.

We have a dinosaur museum that is in the vicinity of the courthouse and the Civic Center Park. I go over by the dinosaur museum and I see


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