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someone throw something on fire at the museum—I realize that they’re trying to burn it down. I basically involve myself and try to get them to stop—a massive group of people, of individuals that I’ve never seen before. I questioned them and asked them where they’re from and what the heck they’re doing, and basically starting to yell at the people that are trying to go and throw more stuff at it. I was pleading with them: “Hey, this is—my kids go here. Like, let’s not burn this place down. You don’t like the police. There’s cops standing right there, but you want to burn down the dinosaur museum?” But them not being able to answer the question. It’s like, “Okay, are you even from here? What school did you go to?” And them just saying, “Oh, I went to all the schools.” That’s when I was like, Oh no, this is what the crazy people on the internet are talking about, probably.

So the next day, would’ve been Monday, I get out there, probably around four, maybe even earlier than that—there’s another protest happening. For the most part, things are peaceful until later in the day, later in the night I should say. Then you have the National Guard and you have cops and they’re just firing tear gas. People are getting riled up. Eventually people got pushed out of the park, and they went down the road and caused more destruction. That was the night where they knocked down a bunch of light poles. They burned down the car lots that were here. They burned down the parole office building. And they also burned down an appliance and furniture store that night too, as well as a bunch of other buildings in the Uptown area. The first two nights were pretty hectic.


I ended up seeing the video—I was on my way to the store to get some milk for my baby. And I ended up turning on Facebook and I see everybody out there on Live like, “Yeah, man, somebody just got shot.” So I came up snapping, you know, I come mad. I’m cussing the police out. There’s people between 40th and 41st. They got tape from the half of the block to the other end of the block. So when I come up, I’m pointing at the police, I’m calling them all out, telling them that this shit ain’t gonna happen down here in Kenosha, and people are yelling at them from behind the yellow tape. And


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